Monday, November 06, 2023

The Joy of Events

 It's been a week of events. Some weeks nothing happens and other weeks everything happens. My apologies for listing:

1. Last Sunday I was invited to do a presentation at a knitting guild meeting. It was wonderful. We were a small group, but a dedicated one. Everyone present was lovely and I couldn't have spent a better afternoon.

2. Monday was Hallowe'en. My daughter left after a dinner of tacos to see the Exorcist. My son stayed and did all the shelling out. He had a huge Panda head, which he put on as he chatted to the Trick or Treaters. He also found a horror flick for us both to watch, while we waited for the knocks on the door. He does have a way of setting the scene. I've always thought he should be in film.

3. The rest of the week saw a stream of orders at work. Everyone of them was an event and a half to fill.

4. Saturday was my much anticipated Camino meeting of the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. It was a wonderful meeting of about 100 walkers, many of whom had done several Caminos.

5. I think that I have managed to overcome some tendonitis which was bothering my right foot. I've decided it had nothing to do with the weight of my backpack, but more to do with my own stupidity for forgetting to pull out the tongue of my walking shoe. A damaged foot could end a Camino  - an event I don't want to happen!!

6. I ordered several (more) Camino books - The Way, My Way and one I had found on Amazon, but the shipping cost as much as the book. This time the book was available from Indigo and the two books combined meant my shipping was free!! Gotta love a deal!!

7. I picked up my Rosamunde Pilcher book - "Coming Home" at the library. I'm glad I brought my day pack, because the book is 936 pages - paper weighs a lot! Reading it will be an event in itself!!

8. Did I mention that I found a book on sale - $15.00 at Costco, which had been infiltrating my FB feeds - The Keeper of Hidden Books - advertising works - especially when the item is on sale.

9. Another book my sister-in-law sent me arrived this week - "The Fair Botanists." It's the story of how they moved the botanical gardens in Edinburgh in the early 1800s. It's a must read for any gardener.

It's difficult to pick just one event for my Joy Jar this week, but I think that my Nov. 4, meeting with the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims was special.

The picture? My walks to Mud Creek are always an event !!

Have an awesome week.

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