Sunday, October 01, 2023

The Joy of Lunches

 Yes, I do like to eat and I have three meals a day - organized eating. Since I rarely go out in the evening, I meet friends for lunch. Wednesday I met a friend at a Chinese restaurant for a lovely set menu of rice, a spring roll and stir-fried chicken with vegetables. My friend had the same with shrimp. It was a great meal made better by the friendship and the conversation.

On Friday, I had lunch with another friend who had been given a gift certificate for a restaurant in her neighbourhood. We both had the pasta, sitting outside by the lake, in the sunshine. For the end of September, it was amazing!! We have known each other since we were 14 - easily a three-hour lunch!

My lunches at home were chicken soup made from my own stock. Yes, in spite of the warm weather, we are getting closer to soup season.

 Other Joys were:

1. Finished reading "The Tender Bar." The book was a joy to read. I'm sad it's over.

2. Ordered a book on Amazon - "Pilgrimage" by Jennifer Lash - the mother of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes (famous actors). My sister-in-law highly recommended it, so I can't wait to read it. Her recommendations are always great. My Joy was that I actually found the book. It's an older publication that I had been looking for on-line. It had taken a while to find mainly because I was keying in the wrong surname. Finally I just keyed in "mother of Joseph Fiennes." It worked. By our children shall we be known!

3. Managed another 10kms walk to the Brickworks market on Saturday. It's always a very special walk. I also researched my walk for tomorrow. I will look for the entrance to David Balfour park from Mt Pleasant cemetery - this will be a challenge. I hope to walk 15kms.

4. Won $20.00 in the Lottery - got 4 numbers correctly - only needed a few more - sigh!

5. Bought a frozen, natural (no Butterball) turkey for $20.00. I do love a bargain. Earlier in the week, I had bought fresh cranberries - "gotta love Thanksgiving."

Have a joyous first week of October!!

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