Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Joy of Adventure

 If you have been following my camino posts, you know that I have booked my flight from Toronto to Porto. This is exciting!! I am now working out my route to Santiago. I was just going to do Tui to Santiago - 100kms, when a woman in one of the forums suggested that I do the full coastal route - 250kms, because the first six days were all flat!! If I walked 15kms per day, I would reduce the distance by 100 easy kms in the first 6 days. I'm thinking about it. These people are enablers!

It's been a busy week of ordering and receiving clothing and gear for my trip. I have had to return a few things, but the process has been good. I bought my silk sheet from Decathlon and a poncho with sleeves that will go over my backpack - nothing fancy, but I don't need style, I need coverage.

I now just need to buy one pair of merino leggings and one pair of capris, plus 2 merino T-shirts. I have already ordered my 5th backpack. OK, I have #1 - a day pack that I have had for years from MEC and use everyday - too small. I have #2 - another backpack that I bought last year for my art supplies when I was taking an art class - too heavy. Also too heavy was #3 - the backpack I bought from Mountain Warehouse - 3lbs empty! Number #4 was my daughter's old one which she gave me. However, it's only 25 litres. I needed more room. Enter the backpack on sale from Eddie Bauer - #5. It's 1.5lbs with side pockets for water and some cute pockets on the belt for "whatever." I will make this one work. It's light enough.

In between all of the preparation, I have had orders at work, coffee with a friend, a little gardening in preparation for Winter and very little house cleaning. In fact my son actually vacuumed the other day. I guess it's pretty bad! I have also done some food shopping and cooking - not too many deals in the food departments these days so I have been eating through my freezer - always an adventure.

I'm half way through Demon Copperhead. It's not as sad now, so I'm not putting it down as often. I do hope my Rosamunde Pilcher is available soon from the library. I need my daily escapes to be stories that end "happily ever after."

The picture? The last of the Summer tomatoes - trying to hang on to those wonderful days, as long as possible!! 

My Joy for the Joy Jar this week has to be my ticket to Porto in April!!

Have an adventurous week!!

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