Monday, August 21, 2023

10.1 kms of Joy!!

 This week was a lovely week of summer weather. Most days were around 25ºC with sunshine. I harvested tomatoes from the garden and cooked some interesting meals using up tomatoes that were ripening too quickly. This is my idea of summer - lots of warm weather, lots of sunshine, lots of colour in the flower garden and lots of fresh meals from the kitchen garden. 

This week also had lots of mail!! Two packages arrived on Wednesday - a book on the Camino France´s from my sister-in-law in Edinburgh. "The Gathering Place" is written by a Scottish woman who walked The Way in 2020. It's a well written, fascinating read. In fact I finished it in three days. The second package was my fourth book by John Brierley. This one was also on the Camino France´s. I have decided to walk a section of this Camino from Sarria to Santiago - just over 100kms - hopefully next Spring.

In preparation for the journey, I managed two pre-camino walks this week. One on Tuesday for 9.1kms and one very early Saturday morning for 10.1kms. I actually walked from my house to the Brickworks market along the path known as Mud Creek. I had breakfast at the market and walked back!! It was amazing!!

In fact, my Joy for the Joy Jar this week has to be the length and enjoyment of my walks - Buen Camino. 

The pictures? Garden Joy.

Have an amazing week!!

P.S. I will be writing more posts with more detail about my Camino preparations. However, they may all just merge with my Joy posts. It's difficult to have a compartmentalized life.


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