Sunday, July 09, 2023

The Joy of Ups & Downs...

..... This week has been HOT - 30ºC during the day, with the house never really cooling off at night. I finally had to turn on the AC. There will be the "see-sawing" on and off of the AC now for the rest of the summer.

Here are a number of other "see-sawing" events this week.

1. UP - I found someone to repair the front porch for less than my original quote of $6,000.00. The price to do it was $3,500.00 + tax (which I could have avoided, if I had paid cash.)

    Down - They did an OK job. Yes, you get what you pay for. Still I can live with the job and tidy it up, as needed, for less than $2,500.00

2. UP - My daughter has decided to bike to work. She will ride her father's bike. I'm so glad it will be put to use.

    Down - It needs a new tire - still not insurmountable!!

3. Up - I'm making a huge amount of progress with my daughter's quilt.

    Down - I need to re-think the next step. Always, the angst of "Will this work?"

4. Up - I joined a FB group of "slow walkers" on the Camino.

    Down - Now, I have to do it or face the fact that I am too old. I will be 80 when I set out for something that has been on my bucket list for years!!

5. UP - I have had the Joy of all my roses in bloom - it's amazing what a bit of manure and a mild Winter will do.

    Down - I have to dead-head daily. Still it gives me time to live among the flowers. I know this is a privilege denied many. I am ever grateful.

6. Up - I found a rug I could live with on (or it found me - it's a long story). It was on sale for $150.00 with FREE shipping. It's smaller than the one I had and makes the room look larger. What's not too love?

    Down - The cat has decided it is his. His toys are all over it!

7. UP - I finally found Muriatic acid. No one at Home depot even recognized the name. Fortunately Canadian Tire had it - go figure - we may seem, as Canadians, a little backward, but we still understand the fundamentals.

    Down - I now have to use it to clean 80 years of "crud" off my stonework.

8. UP - It's been a peaceful week of summer routines - Saturday morning market at the brick works, selective watering of the garden, counting the tomatoes turning red, celebrating the yellow finches on the Coreopsis turned to seed.

    Down - The days are getting shorter. I have trouble with this.

Pictures  - flowers inside and out.

My Joy for the Joy Jar this week has to be that my daughter has claimed her father's bike as hers. His spirit lives!!

The pictures? Indoor and outdoor flowers.

Have a Joyful day!

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