Saturday, July 22, 2023

The joy of doing nothing....

We're back from a few days vacation. My daughter had a week off, so I booked and AirBnB in Collingwood. It was a nice spot with a shared pool, near biking trails and a pleasant walk to the village.

The "drill," when we go away is: 

1. I buy a jig saw puzzle and spend three days doing it. It creates a space for the other three - daughter, son & son's girlfriend to chat, but to not be constrained by my constant presence. I am a only few feet away putting in a puzzle piece, but I can still comment from a distance. You have to know your place in this world - puzzle pieces not with standing.

2. We bring food from home. Yes, a lot of packing, but it does save money on restaurants.

3. The kids do their thing. This year they biked several trails in the area. My late husband and I had biked them a few years before. I miss the biking. I will do it again.

4. I go to bed early and the rest party until 3:00am or so. They make snacks, drink, play Scrabble and watch random "stuff" on TV.

5. On the last night I am invited to play Scrabble with them just after dinner. I don't think that I have ever played Scrabble after midnight - Bridge yes, Scrabble no. I usually win so they count the other days, they have played, as warming up for the challenge.

Unfortunately this year, my daughter was called back to work early. There were problems and she had to sort them out. She took the bus back and the rest of us decided to leave late afternoon to avoid an early morning pack up. We had to be out by 10:00am, so we took a leisurely drive back in a rain storm to be home by 7:00pm, the evening before we were to have left.

Yes, we left early, but it was still an adventure, time away, freedom from household chores (OK I still cook and clean a little) and an opportunity to escape into a puzzle and finish a novel I had started a while ago.

My Joy for the Joy Jar this week has to be the fact that I could spend three days with family and not think about housework, business work, projects etc.

The pictures? Rose of Sharon and my favourite red roses. I can also holiday in my garden.

Have a joyful week.

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