Sunday, July 16, 2023

The Joy of Disentanglement

 Most of my Joy this week came from a very unjoyous event - my wallet was stolen. On Wednesday June 12, I was having coffee with a friend at Aroma. I hooked my handbag over the arm of my chair and let it rest on the ground at my feet. I then put a shopping bag with a few purchases in it beside the bag. The table I chose was against a small divider and separated from other tables. Still the thief was able to crawl on the ground, squeeze between my table and the divider, move my shopping bag, open my purse and take out my wallet.

They unfortunately used my access card and various other cards to make purchases in the 24-hours before I discovered that my wallet was gone. I immediately set about to cancel my cards. However, it was not a quick process. I was on hold for almost an hour to cancel my Mastercard and negate a fraudulent purchase. I then went to my bank in person to cancel my other cards, all four of them, three of which had been used.

The next day I spent almost two hours at Service Ontario to replace my driver's license and health card. I will now have to replace various loyalty cards and have points transferred.

It's an eerie sense of violation, when this happens. Some stranger has pried into your personal possessions, exposing your identity to the world. It is also a wake-up call to be ever vigilant. The world has changed. Toronto has changed. It's a meaner place now.

I will keep my handbag on my lap in future or start wearing a purse strapped to my body. The last time I had my wallet stolen was 45 years ago at the Eaton Centre. I hope it never happens again.

My Joy for the Joy Jar this week? Things could have been a lot worse. I'm so glad they weren't.

The picture? Art imitating nature or nature imitating art. 

Have an uncomplicated day!!

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