Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Joy of words

On Wednesday I bought the book "The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows." It has added a good deal of Joy to my week. I wrote about the book in an earlier post so I won't bore you with repetition. Writing lots of words strung together and contemplating individual words give me a lot of Joy.

Fortunately we were spared the snow in Northern Ontario in late June. My heart grieves for all the flowers in bloom that were lost. I have taken more time to enjoy mine this week, as a result.

I handed my 65,500 word novel over to a book evaluator. I will go with her opinion. The price isn't cheap, but it seems fair and she comes recommended from a friend. There is Joy in moving forward.

I had the opportunity to give away one of my shawls again this week. My niece in Scotland is graduating from university July 1. Help, I needed a gift. I know she crochets and I had one crocheted shawl in my collection. I had designed it in a blue laceweight merino and silk yarn using a diamond motif. I'll have to post the picture later, when I've downloaded it from another computer. I somehow remember it in pink - maybe it was a test sample. Anyway, I had told her mother it was in pink, so I included the written pattern and two balls of apricot yarn for her to crochet another, if she likes. I was able to put it altogether and get it mailed off to Scotland on Monday. 

My Joy was in actually finding this shawl in tact; finding the original pattern, being able to squeeze more yarn into the box and getting it all shipped out at least ten days before the event. So glad the stars aligned!!

I booked a week's vacation with family in Collingwood for a few days. I'm hoping that the weather is better than the last time - March 2022. Well, it should at least be warmer. I'll take a jigsaw puzzle just in case and maybe some needlework, if I can fit it all in. John Koenig's word Idlewild "feeling grateful to be stranded in a place where you can't do much of anything" is a perfect description for my time away. OK, our unit comes with a shared swimming pool and there is the resort village and some walks along the Bruce Trail. I'll think about these while I relax with my projects.

Between orders at work, housework, garden work, coffee with friends and a myriad of small chores, life has been joyous!!

Now to select just one for the Joy Jar. I think that it has to be getting my gift off to my niece. There are times when life hands you lemons and there are times when you can just pick apples from a tree (in season). I think that the gift was a realization of the fruits of my labour coming to fruition :)

Have a fruitful day.

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