Sunday, June 11, 2023

Joy is a week of "many splendoured" things.....

 .....From several weeks of trying to "frack" Joy from the slate of "nothing interesting to report," there comes the motherload of refinable Joys.

1. My son has spent five splendid days with us. He was out East (from Calgary) for a wedding and stayed with us for a whole week before going back home!! Totally awesome!!

2. His purchase of 80 acres in Northern Ontario finally closed - nothing is ever simple. He and his partner plan to take possession in the Spring of 2024 to homestead there. It is an exciting time!

3. My sister is recovering from very complicated surgery. It went well, but had more steps than were anticipated. The Joy is in knowing she will make a full recovery and that I don't have to go to Hamilton, meet my nephew, who has vertigo, and try to get us both up "The Mountain" to see her. There is a Go-bus from Guelph that leaves every hour and is the price of parking a car at the hospital. He will take that. I will go later to see her in Guelph.

4. My roses are in bloom. More Joy from the garden!!

5. Joined a FB group of solo women travellers over 50!! It has given me itchy feet. Many people in the group are in their 80s and still travelling solo!!

6. Solved Wordle on the second try. Bought a lottery ticket....didn't win. The yin and yang of Joy.

7. Made pizza on the BBQ from scratch. Everyone loved it!!

8. It was also a Joyous week of friends. Between cell-phone and landline, I had conversations with 3 friends within an hour - two at the same time, while my youngest was asking how much of the apple tree should he cut down for the new patio umbrella. Joy in its most concentrated form - just add water (or wine) to spread it out!!

Now to select just one for my Joy Jar. Of course, it has to be that my son stayed with us for five days. It was a wonderful visit!!

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