Friday, June 23, 2023

Copiadymis or...

 Dynamopia as substitutes for Koenig's word "The Til" meaning "that reservoir of opportunities still available to you at this point in your life."

Yes, we do need a word for what energy remains in our bodies to explore, pursue, develop, create. It must, though, be a dynamic word, something with enough force to stir our limbs crippled with age, our wills beset with inertia, and our minds confused with distractions.


I'm not sure copiadymus is right. It's from the Latin - copia - storehouse and dynamus - dynamic. I like the idea of having a storehouse of energy to draw on, but copiadymus is too long and dynamopia is too negative.

I'm sure I'll think of something to stir my mind to plan a trip to walk The Camino de Santiago or do some house sitting somewhere far away or simply go away for the Winter.

Koenig's "The Til" unfortunately won't get me off the sofa. Now, I love the the concept of the cache or cash. I have worked in retail too long not to love the "money drawer." OK sometimes you need a little cached cash to get you started exploring or pursuing. I follow a FB group of woman travellers over 50 who travel solo. Too many in their 70s are "doing the Camino de Santiago." It has been on my bucket list for a while. I think I have to start pacing it out, as it were. I know I can walk 10ks a day. Is that realistic? Can I push it to 15? How long would it take me? 

What about "thrusteverest"? The push to realize your most challenging dreams. OK, it's not fancy from Latin, Greek or some other exotic academia (contradiction in terms :) ) - but neither is "Til."

"My thrusteverest has brought me to these heights. I hope there's enough left to get me back to base camp!"

The pictures? Hikes I have taken. Trails I have followed. T(h)rust ever in the belief that you can do it and the superlative "est" will fall into place.

Have a challenging day!

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