Saturday, April 15, 2023

An "Ovenable" Joy

OK, I probably didn't have to put the word, ovenable, in quotation marks. It is a word, as words go, however, I have never heard it before. Yes, I have a Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and it is, sad to say, not in it. Well, it's an old edition. I actually found the word "ovenable" in the instructions for re-heating a BBQ'd chicken from Costco. The instructions for re-heating the chicken in the oven, started by saying, "heat chicken in an ovenable container....," well, yes. I can't imagine the results in a non-ovenable container.

My Joy has to be in encountering a new word, even if it is from Costco. Ovenable is right up there with lovable, doable foreseeable, imaginable, forgivable, _____ (make your own .."able"). For a wordsmith, language is always extendable! Bring on the enrichment.

There was, however, more Joy this week than the emergence of a new word. There was SUMMER!! OMG, I usually add to my March hope list for warmer weather, "There are always a few good days in April." Well we had a week of Summer, temperatures of 27º, gorgeous sun. There are times like this when I think there must be a God; that we have been good and are being rewarded. I will ignore the fact that my phone says  it will "snow" on Tuesday. OK, I have an old phone, maybe it needs updating. Well, it is a Canadian "thing." We often don't have a Spring. We go from Winter to Summer in 24 hours.

My brother-in-law, who came out to Canada occasionally for work - he worked for a Canadian company with offices in the UK - once said, "I can't believe the temperature went from 0º to 24ºC in 24 hours." For a country of extreme weather, I am glad that we have the moderate "to & fro" of a democratic government. Yes. "governable" is a word.

My other Joy word this week has to be "gardenable." I have raked another 40 or more leaf bags from the garden, repositioned perennials, eradicated Ivy, moved 14 bags of manure from the trunk of my car to the garden shed and dug out a basement window. Never say "cannot-able." Push past the parameters of old-age-able!! 

My Joy this week for the Joy Jar has to be the "unseasonable" warm weather. Thank you for those "respons(a)ble."

Have a joyable week!!

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