Sunday, April 02, 2023

A Joyous Week...

..... OK every once in a while the cosmos delivers a week of pure Joy! Maybe it's a dividend for months of Winter's hardship or maybe it's just a random numbers "thing" - you know the more you hang in there the more you get. I'm not sure what the rationale is or if there even is any reason or logic to this happenstance. However, I managed to find Joy this week in the fact that:

1. The Forsythia I brought in for forcing is in bloom. These are free flowers from the garden to add a touch of Spring to the end of March's gloom.

2. I raked 10 bags of leaves on one of the better days this week - 20% of the garden has been cleared - only 80% to go.

3. I talked to both an architect and a mechanical engineer about the installation of a new heating system. I am eternally grateful to people willing to help others people for nothing but a thank you.

4. I finished the last larger square of my daughter's quilt. It's starting to take shape. Just 40 smaller squares to go and miles of trim. This is her fellowship badge. However, I didn't like to leave the four crossed arms just drifting in space, so I added cuffs. OK I had to decorate the cuffs and since I can never leave well enough alone, I added bracelets and rings - fellowship with a flair.

5. I had lunch with a friend and had the privilege of listening to her husband play their new Grand Piano. Few Joys can match the thrill of listening to a Bach composition played exquisitely by a contemporary in a gorgeous home overlooking Lake Ontario. This was special.

6. I dropped off an armchair to be refurbished. The re-do of the living room has begun.

7. I talked to my friend in England who was heading out for a river cruise in Europe with her friend from Australia. I had promised to accompany her to Australia should she ever want to go. We go back many years to the time I lived in London and shared a flat with Tinks and three other women. It was a magical two years. Going to Australia would be amazing, as well!!

Now picking just one for the Joy jar is a challenge. I think it has to be listening to Brian play Bach's (the) Chaconne. I have ordered a new keyboard stand and will begin to practise!

Have an awesome week!

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