Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Joy of form and order....

After a week of chaos, I now have a new dining room ceiling. It's been painted, as have the walls to the wainscotting. The furniture is back in place and every inch of the room has been scrubbed clean. I also decluttered as I went, so I now have a box of odds and ends for Goodwill. Say not that the struggle naught availeth - I know, I have said this before!!

Peace and order have been restored to the first floor anyway. This coming week, I will have a bedroom upstairs painted and thoroughly cleaned, as well. I'm waiting for a warm day to take the plants out one by one to wash the dust off their leaves, and to give them a good "grooming." Joy is in having a clean, organized house.

Spring will be here before we know it and I will be in the garden most of the time. As a result, the house will get a once over now and then, so it's good to start with "really clean," - before the downhill slide!

On the flip side, my "un-joy" this week has been researching new heating systems for the house. I have to replace my 30-odd year old furnace - actually I should be calling it a boiler. I have been corrected many times. The question that vascillates constantly in my mind is, "What system should I put in?" Do I put in heat pumps for a $5,000.00 rebate from the government. Doing the math that would be $12,000.00 - $5,000.00 = $7,000.00 and freeze, if I close my bedroom door or do I put in a new gas system that removes most of the cumbersome mechanicals downstairs for $12,000.00 without a rebate, but with the same dependable radiator heating that I have been use to for almost 50 years. Yes, I could just replace the existing boiler for a mere $7,000.00, again no rebate. I'll have to ask a few more people for help on this one.

With the return of form and order to the main floor rooms, I have begun the finishing of my daughter's quilt, splurged on pasta with clams for Friday night's dinner, tested my frozen ice cubes of pesto from the Fall - they worked and had long philosophical discussions with the cat. It turns out he was very upset with the chaos and resolved it by peeing on my daughter's bed. "I pee therefore I am."

My Joy this week has been the return of "ordinary" - nothing special, just same old, same old, but in a cleaner more refreshed way.

The pictures? The Joy of food - real or imagined.

Have a Joyful week!!

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