Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Joy of Chaos!!

 I'm in chaos right now - 

1. The dinning room is in the living room.

2. My bedroom is covered in drop sheets.

3. The spare room is full of bedding etc. from the other rooms. OK, I could ask the cat to move over, but his bed is a bit small.

I had not envisioned the disruption a replacement ceiling would be - OK, I did, but I was in denial. I think I'll get the painters in as quickly as possible.

My Joy is in the diversions one has to create, to ease the chaos. Enter Firefox!

I usually use Safari - it's a MAC "thing." However, my computer is old - 10 years or so and the upgrades only go so far. I don't think I can upgrade my MAC's operating system any further. Safari may have become obsolete - at the moment anyway.

As a result, I've switched to Firefox and so far, so good, as I still have my portal to the world of "Make Believe." Because, when chaos calls, I look for an escape. 

Tea at Heathrow - so civilized
My escape, this time, is in planning a holiday for 2024. Here is exhibit A.

1. Fly to London, on my own. Well I did it 50 odd years ago and never regretted it. I would have a main focus - to see at least two productions at the Globe Theatre in London. From there I could take the train to Edinburgh and visit my sister-in-law.

I would then have to decide whether to travel to Cornwall to meet my old flatmate and/or to take the train to Paris. Planning might just be the best part of a holiday!! However, I am also hoping that with the execution (of the holiday, that is) that I will be able to meet some interesting people. (I plan to stay in hostels geared to seniors - or those at least close,) and do some out of the ordinary things ______. I will fill in the blanks later!!. If all else fails, there is always the Victoria and Albert - god bless their respective hearts!!

As an aside, I found several sites on-line of seniors who travel and of people, who travel on their own. They have great tips!!

I am not a group traveller of the organized tour group type. I hitched through Europe in the late '60s. OK, I am not going to hitch this time, but my Joy will be in doing the trip, on the "cheap." I really find no thrill in boutique hotels, fancy meals out, renting cars, pampering spas, etc. You pay for all that "stuff." My Joy will be in the bargains and in meeting the down to earth people whose reality is in pinching pennies, while seeing the world!! Maybe my next site should be called, "Back Street Travel - Seeing the World by the Seat of Your Pants."

Kilts in Malta for Carnival - so crazy
Anyway, on a day to day basis - March lingers on, with its cold and slightly above 0ºC temperatures. We still have snow, wear boots, don heavy coats....will this ever end!!

I struggle to find joy in email inquiries to companies that answer my questions. "Do you paint old Ikea furniture?" Well, lo and behold two companies do!! However, I can't send them pictures because everything is under plastic.

Above, I have listed mere inconveniences. The real "Un - joy" this week was the fact that the furnace quit and we froze for 36 hours. Joy was in the resolution of the crisis and in the 20ºC returning to the home.

I'm not sure whom I should thank for this. I've worn out my welcome with St Jude, the patron saint of lost causes and the only biblical character in charge of heat is - you know who. So suck it up Beelzebub, we don't need your help. Canadian Tire has some amazing space heaters. We will survive!!

My Joy this week for the Joy Jar has to be that I discovered The Globe is staging a candle-light production of Macbeth in October. Maybe I should go in the Fall.

The pictures - the randomness of travel.

Have a joyous week!!

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