Sunday, March 26, 2023

Fields of Snowdrop Joy....

 ....I wrote about Snowdrop Joy a few posts ago. I think it was late February or early Match and it was about one very brave Snowdrop. I now have masses...OK....lots of Snowdrops up in the garden. If tomorrow is a good day, I'll try to rake the leaves around the patches and give them some TLC.

One of my Joys is my garden. I love a quotation, I read years ago, "Life began in a garden." Certainly my outdoor life begins in my garden. I think that the best medication, is the smell of the earth, the warmth of the sun, and the beauty of the green of anything emerging from the frozen wastes!!

Another Joy this week is my finished bedroom, with mended ceiling and freshly painted walls in the palest olive green. I hung up some old pencil sketches and a knitted project I did years ago. As I have said before, Joy is in the details.

And...and....wait for it....I have begun the finishing of The Novel. A good friend, who was kind enough to read the 60,000 plus words of my first draft, said that it needed work. Well, yes, who writes a best seller without a re-write or 10.  :)  I have added an element of unrest to the story. Even I am curious as to how it will turn out!. There is something about the unknown that keeps us guessing.

Well, isn't it just like Spring to have too much happening in too short a time. The snow has melted (almost) and the Snowdrops are fighting their way through the leaves that never left last Fall. The sun's energy is helping me finish up all those items on last year's to-do list and we have longer days and more enthusiasm to do it all with!!

My Joy, this week is having the motivation to get back to "the book." It has a new focus and that's exciting. 

Have a joyous week!!

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