Thursday, February 23, 2023

Thinking Day...

 OK, I will write about Joy next Sunday, because I know it will ultimately be a Joyful week. In the meantime, I have to add to the balance. For every spoonful of Joy there is a tablespoon of misery.


1. My website developed an error - Well, some Malware idiot tampered with the code so that any new person who registered on the site could not place an order because their login was "waiting for approval." I went through hoops. The approval was there; they were "active" on the site. I entered and re-entered their sign-up. There was nothing I could do. I waited my 1/2 hour on GoDaddy and got someone who was nice, but didn't know that much - story of my life. The bottom line is I will have to pay for a coder to adjust the code, that some creeping robot has altered, in order to have customers be able to place orders online....sigh!

2. I went to the bank to do the final arrangements with my husband's estate. It's a joint bank account but there are two sub-accounts that needed transferring. I presented all the necessary papers. However the bank needed the original will - not a copy. More hassles, more paper work. I didn't need the website to go down as well - It never rains, but it pours....and on Friday the bank froze my credit card. It's all part of the probate process. They could have warned me.

3. The February snow dump has arrived!! I knew the good weather couldn't last, but I enjoyed it while it was there. I'm also happy that I don't have to drive anywhere in this maelstrom. I spent years, when I was teaching, commuting to a small town outside of the city. A storm like this could turn an hour's commute into a three hour nightmare. I've earned my stripes.

4. Canada post is holding parcels again. Why can't they just do their job?

5. One shipment came through today from the US. However, my postman has trouble with cheques, so I did a credit card transaction. Well, didn't he debit my card twice. OK it was just 40 - odd dollars, but really twice. I have registered a dispute with Visa and now must monitor that transaction as well.

February 22, 2001 was the day I was diagnosed with a very aggressive Breast Cancer. Today, Feb 22, 2023  certainly isn't as bad, but it seems like February is just one of those months that attracts the worst in the cosmos. That being said, my problems compared to those of so many people in the rest of the world are really quite petty. I need to just "suck it up" and hope for a better day tomorrow - Feb 23, 2023.

So sorry to burden you with all this angst. But I needed an outlet. Tomorrow will be a better day. I know.

The pictures? Angst in images.

Have a better day!

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