Sunday, February 19, 2023

Snowdrop Joy

My Joy this week has to be in finding this tiny Snowdrop, at the edge of the driveway, in bloom. OK, I have lots of Snowdrops scattered throughout the garden. Not one of them is even close to emerging. However, this one Snowdrop, precariously placed just inches from the cars that park in the driveway, has decided it is time to face the world. Well, "face" might not be the operative word, but you get the idea.

Always nature is there to remind us that, against all odds, we will survive!! 

There have been other moments of Joy this week, too. Most days have been above zero. Some were even warm by February standards. In fact, one afternoon crept up as high as 13ÂșC. The snow has melted. The birds are flitting through the garden and we are closer to Spring!

Even the rain was kind. It froze on the trees and sparkled when the sun came out. I took too many pictures. None of which captured the moment. Nature keeps her magic to herself dazzling us every once in a while, when we've been good!

Have a joyous week!

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