Friday, November 04, 2022

How sweet is this...

 ....I have finally finished the memory quilts (more like accent throws) for the twin beds in the "large" room - everything is relative. I am now working on a quilt for my daughter's room. The needlework keeps me busy; I don't have to watch the assault to everyone's intelligence on Netflix et al...and I get to have moments of pure joy!.

For my daughter's quilt, I'm using her girl guide badges as a "jumping off" point. However, I am taking liberties - my middle name - as I interpret the badges. For example, she has one hostess badge - a teacup. I have created 3 squares dedicated to teacups - well, I used to collect them.

I also turned the baker's badge which depicted an orange loaf of bread - really! - into a cupcake. When was the last time you had a slice of orange bread and wished it had been a cupcake?

Last night I worked on her sport's badge. Sports, especially swimming, is what my daughter does full time, as a program coordinator at the Y. The girl guide badge showed crossed tennis rackets. Yes, she plays tennis, but her recreational sport of choice is baseball. This is the sport she played regularly and discussed endlessly, with her father.

Here is the finished patch. The moment of pure joy happened when I needed a "baseball." I ran through my inventory of beads - nothing was large enough. I went on to buttons. Compared to fabric and yarn, I have a very modest supply of buttons. However, I did have a button from a blouse I bought years ago (maybe 50) that had supplied 2 covered buttons in case you needed them. Well, last night, Nov 3, 2022, I needed one of those buttons. Because they were covered in fabric, I was able to make a red running stitch along both sides of the button to emulate the stitching on a baseball. There is a reason for all of this madness, this hoarding of stuff!! It is finally to apply 6 or 8 running stitches to a button, to create a baseball and a eureka moment!

My only regret is that I didn't use a piece of blue silk from my husband's tie to make the baseball bat. Well, joy is not necessarily perfection.

I'll leave you to figure out the significance of the numbers.

Have a perfect day!

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  1. You are inspired, Carol. You say you don't write with much emotion. I don't think that's true but you must see just how much is expressed in your needlework art. I love them.