Monday, December 14, 2020

To Whom This May Concern....

 ......I haven't posted in a while, I will post about this later, when it's all's been a trying time. But there has been light in the tunnel, even though we haven't reached the end, as yet.

The other day I received my winter catalogue of gardening must haves from Veseys Seeds in PEI..OK, PE. We really have to pamper Canada Post.

Well, please tell me, who sends you mail with your hardiness zone, as a requisite part of your address. My Vesey catalogue arrived with my customer number, my hardiness zone and finally my name and address.

It spoke volumes - no pun intended. It made me think that we are first - OK, just a number. I think I got over this in first grade - but we are also part of a greater cosmos that is divided into zones - hardiness zones. For the gardener, this means your life will be much easier, if you plant the varieties that will flourish in your zone.

But I have to look beyond the 6A classification and read into it a life statement. We, like plants, are "hardy." We have our zones, which means we have been bred to endure a climate of certain "hardships" and still we thrive. We come back year after year, to face these challenges. The year 2020, has been a year of hardships for many....too many. But, we were bred for it. We shall survive.

Thank you, Vesey, for reminding me of my strengths, with the simple addition of my hardiness zone.

The pictures? The beauty of our endurance.

Have a powerful day.

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