Sunday, April 12, 2020

Pandemic vs Pendemic

OK, I'm writing much more and will probably be writing even more. I've joined a free 27 day writing group. We are sent a writing challenge every day for 27 days and must write (by hand) for 15 minutes on a stimulus we are given. Today it was to remember something from this pandemic. Here's mine.

I want to remember the togetherness. The way four people, in a 7 room house lived and worked together for weeks and weeks and weeks. We stayed away from each other and came together as needed - imagine a very slow dance. My husband and son ordering food on-line was a time of togetherness. My son helping me cook, stirring, mincing, chatting was more time together. Why both kids didn't show up for dinner until dessert, was probably their time away.

I want to remember my daughter sitting at the picnic table in brilliant sunshine and 10ÂșC working on her computer. I could see her from the window and I thought she was crying. Had she lost her job? Had a friend been diagnosed? Later we learned that she, in fact, had not lost her job, but that her job had changed from swimming instructor to IT expert on Zoom. She could not be in the pool, but she could be on-line helping teachers and grade one students get up to speed on Zoom. She wasn't crying, she was laughing at the six-year-old, who was rolling on the floor, instead of watching the lesson on the screen.

I also want to remember the bananas!! About a week ago neighbours had received their first on-line order. There are always surprises. Sometimes you get what you ordered and sometimes you don't and sometimes you get some real surprises. They had ordered 4 bananas and got 4 bags of bananas. They called. Could we use some bananas? Well, we go through a dozen bananas every two days. Yes, we could!

Yesterday, we got our first on-line order. We ordered and were shipped 8 bananas. However, we already had 5 bananas. We called our neighbours. Could they use some bananas? Well, apparently her husband had gone out for fruit and had forgotten bananas. Yes they could take 6. We may all end up a little bananas, when this is all over.

Have a day with appeal :)

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