Friday, January 31, 2020

I have seen the light....

......I am constantly affected by the quality of light. Sunlight, to quote John Denver, always makes me high. I find dimly lit rooms depressing, harsh lights irritating, and neon of any description, unless it's Hollywood, soul destroying.  On the other hand, lovely windows, filled with light have a certain ethereal quality. They restore the spirit, soften the mind and redeem the soul.

Our writing word for today is "opaque" - not able to been seen through. To me opaque also means the absence of light. If you can't see through something, but it allows light in, than it is translucent. I don't mind, if I can't see out of a window, as long as it admits light. I don't need a transparent world, but I do need a translucent one.

I should then dislike the word, opaque. Ironically, I don't. It rhymes with "cake." What's not to love. Seriously, though, it's not so much the meaning of the word, that I like, it's the arrangement of the letters. Can I really say that I like words that start with an "o" or that have a "qu", without seeming too "queer." :)

As a wordsmith, I think I can like a word for its meaning, as well as, its arrangement of letters. Onomatopoeia, for example, is a favourite, as is pique. I could go on, but only another wordsmith would understand my obsession.

Let's just say that words bring us from the darkness into the light. They can pierce the opaque, explain the obtuse and generally, delight, as well as, enlighten the mind.

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." - Leonard Cohen.

The pictures? Studies in light.

Have a brilliant day!

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