Friday, November 01, 2019

Working Through The List.....

I have a list of "things to do." These are long term projects, such as, writing a novel, creating some Art, finishing a fair isle sweater that I started a long time ago, etc, etc. There are, of course, always more important things to do before doing the really important things - like, tending to a sick cat, dealing with water in the basement, real work, housework, flu shots, etc, etc.

Knitted Leaf Pendant

Well, I do have to pat myself on the back every once in a while, as I work through my list and actually get a few of the major projects done!! Here they are -

1. I have built and launched a new website for Infiknit - I am very pleased to have been able to book the ".ca" ending and to have worked out most of the bugs, that haunt wordpress, myself. I did pay for some valuable advice from a knitter and webmaster. It's important to know what to do, when you don't know everything :)

Irish Crochet Pendant - beaded

2. I am almost fluent in "instagram." That is I am posting regularly to the Yoso (Yarnover Sleepover) page on FB and to the Yoso group on FB, as well as to the Yoso Instagram page. Now to post more for Infiknit on Instagram and also Felted Fibre.

3. I have deferred my slow clothing projects to the Spring. Both outfits "need something" and I haven't found the right pieces yet.

Leaf Collage in progress

4. I have finally done some knitted Art and some knitted wearable Art. For sometime now I have wanted to "celebrate" needlework, by making collages with knitted and/or crocheted motifs. The pictures here are the beginning of what could be a long journey. The wearable Art are pendants with lace stitches, beaded and embroidered. The collage is more lace stitches embroidered with sparkly thread, found at the Dollar store. I'd also like to do a flower collage with lace motifs, knit in the round and embellished. The white flower pendant is actually some Irish crochet beaded and stitched - Oh the thrill of some cheap sparkly thread!!

Now where is that Fair isle sweater!!


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