Saturday, August 17, 2019


Our writing word for a while now has been "stripes." I don't know why it has taken me so long to get a post together. I think that even in gorgeous summer weather people struggle with priorities. What needs to be done, what one wants done, what one would like to be doing...the list goes on.

Actually, a good deal of my time has been spent propping up tomato plants in the garden, weeding and generally planning the garden for next year to minimize #gardenfails!! Yes, there is a twitter group (or maybe it's Instagram) where you can list your garden fails!! Roundup has come to mind a few times this season.

I think that I should list myself as an #instagramfail. I have not been able to find a "theme" for posting on Instagram that is both entertaining and promoting (my felting products.) It will come, I know, but it hasn't yet!!

I have spent too many evenings re-watching one whole series of Midsomer Murders. There's something to be said about "mild cognitive impairment." I didn't remember much from the first time I watched the series. Then, of course, there was the new series to watch and since I didn't manage to get out of Netficks fast enough, I watched the very first episode for the third time!!

Now, to list the positives!!
1. I did get two letters written to two very good friends in England, whom I lived with (with whom I lived) 50 years ago!!
2. I am 90% there with my dresses made from "Sally Ann" scarf finds. Now to make the last two dresses!!
3. 80% of my garden is weed free. I'm not sure that I'll get the other 20% done this year.
4. I have begun to think of the thorough cleaning of the house. (Please note that it's a "begun to think" and hasn't started yet.)
5. I have been working a bit more on Infiknit and sales have been maintaining themselves over last year.
6. Now that Midsomer Murders has been watched, I'm back to reading my book and adding to the list of books I want to read!!
7. Got my final Shingles shot and am finally better. I had a reaction with the first one and you guessed it, a reaction to the second one four months later.

Clearly, I'm measuring life in mini-steps these days. I'm not striding through with great swathes of great endeavours completed, partially worked on or even begun. Sigh!

Now where are the stripes?
Well, I sewed a lot of seams (stripes) and ironed out a lot of creases (stripes) with my dress adventure. I passed a significant birthday and have decided to accept wrinkles (stripes) at least for the moment, until I win the lottery and can get a facelift. I have been mentally planning to knit a cardigan in striped garter stitch from leftover yarn following a barcode design - lots of stripes.

The pictures? Some surreal pictures of stripes. Yes, the iceman cometh!!