Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Our writing word for today is "grass." For me, nothing says Spring more than grass, at least, up here in Canada.  When white is all we see covering the ground from December to March, the sight of some green grass is a welcome change. The problem with grass is, there is often not enough where you want it, on a lawn and too much of it, where you don't want it in a flower bed.

My husband and I have spent most of Sunday digging up a daylily bed to remove some ugly twitch grass, which was taking over. Some of the roots of the grass had actually penetrated the roots of the day lilies. Given time, the grass would have won.

Grass has its own predators, of course. Dandelions, wild clover and a vicious invader known as "Creeping Charlie," all lie in wait for the first few blades of grass to mature and then it's war. We
re-seed our lawn every year and have to re-sod every three or four years. One year I just gave up and planted tomatoes near the house, where I could never keep a blade of grass alive - the tomatoes survived.

I was hoping to be able to leaf through "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman for an appropriate poem, only to find that I had somehow mis-placed the book - "Something, there is, that doesn't like grass."

The pictures? Grassy places adorned with flowers or weeds, except for a well tended swathe in my backyard.

Have a wonderful day!!

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