Monday, April 22, 2019

File it - for the record....

Our writing word for today is "file." Another word with many meanings. Today, I'm going to use "file" in the sense of recording information for preservation!!

Wow! big words for small deeds. What I really mean is that this blog, for me, is a way of recording or filing, what I do and have done from time to time - or on a grander scale, in a lifetime. OK, I've only been recording "stuff" since 2006 and I was born way before that. But given that I often refer to events in the past, I feel that if I keep at it, I might just be able to cover a lifetime of "adventures" in let's say 20 years, if I am spared.

I use the word adventures, even though what I do and have done might not be on the scale of African Safaris, they are/were still moving me beyond my particular comfort level - everything is relative!

So, now, for the file, come with me on my next trip. Actually it's another sewing adventure - Do not despair! I promise you surprises!!

I said in my last post that I had gone to a thrift shop to buy scarves to sew my next piece of "slow clothing." I was moaning about the extortionate price of $5.50 per scarf. Well, slap my wrists. Here is what I got:

- two 100% wool scarves, one a Liz Claiborne and the other a Perry Ellis. Both amounted to 2.5 yards of gorgeously coloured fabric.

- one 100% cashmere stole in deep turquoise with a fringe - over 2 yards in length.

- one tie-dyed wrap in cotton accented with machine embroidery and sequins - at least 2.5 yds long.

- one 3-yard length of 100% silk in coral, which I will use for lining and maybe a short top.

- finally a 100% silk scarf with a large hole cut into it to make a shoulder cover. This fabric also bleeds magenta dye miserably - maybe the one downer, but it was free, because it didn't have a price on it and the staff couldn't be bothered finding someone to price it, so they gave it to me.

All in all, I can't complain about the $27.50 it cost for a wardrobe that might amount to several skirts, tops and a poncho, once I make them!!

Have a productive day!

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