Sunday, March 03, 2019


Our writing word for a while now has been "separate." It may be used as the verb - to separate or the adjective, as in something set apart. I have been away for a while, separated from my usual routines, separated from the time zone of family and friends by 7 or 8 hours and separated from the goals I regularly work on.

It is disorienting. Maybe time away is necessary to re-align ourselves or to make us think anew of what we are doing or trying to achieve. I'm not sure. I'm always like a fish out of water, when I don't have the usually structures of work, family, friends, pastimes, etc. to fill my days. I then "tag along" with others and do what they do or take myself away and read or work on something "from home," such as this post.

I have to remind myself, that I am a fixed sign, a Leo, and I prefer being rooted in my own little rut, however limiting that might be, then bowing to mutable signs, who would have me leave everything behind for a new adventure. Sigh!

I have often thought that maybe adventure should be my routine - a contradiction in terms, perhaps. No, I have trouble constantly moving from place to place. There is this need to set down roots, get organized, "grow" something. It's hard to grow anything, but tired, when you are in constant motion.

I don't mind occasional separations - time away to think. But, after a brief respite, let me get back into the busy whirl of "things to do, people to see, schedules, deadlines," all those things that give meaning to the "ahhh" at the end of a day.

The pictures? Random roots.

Have a regular day!!

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