Thursday, January 17, 2019


Our word for today is "starter." I had been writing about making a starter, a leavening agent for bread, so it's an interesting word to explore.

Beginnings, "starts" are always challenging. I remember, in my twenties, when I was about to begin a planned trip to live abroad, in Europe, for a few years, I was getting a little nervous. My travelling companion had dropped out and I had to do this on my own or give up the dream of a lifetime - all twenty years of it - Gulp!

A rather wise co-worker said, "Why are you worried? You'll just be six hours from home." That clinched it. I could do this, because I had a lifeline, a plane ticket back, if all else failed.

It didn't fail. My two years in Europe turned out to be fantastic!!

But that was then and this is now. I have lots of ideas, all the time, however, I have realized only a few. Yes, I have done the usual - finished university, had a career, married, bought a house, raised children, had a business, but now, I think I have to do something else.

I think I have to write. I need a starter for this. Yes, I have completed a nanowrimo and written 50,000 words, but it isn't a book. It's a patchwork story of my life. I need to write a novel, a piece of fiction or I have to go on an adventure and write about it.

I need an ignition point, a starter.

The pictures? Some recent adventures. These, though, were short trips. I need an odyssey.

Have an adventurous day!!

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