Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some assembly required....

Assembly is our writing word for today. Given that I have recently assembled a few purchases from Ikea, I'm not surprised that this word, just popped into my head :) In fact, if the truth were known, I have, over the years collected (and assembled) more than my share of Billys, Gronlids, Ekeros, etc, etc.

My living space (not my life), I owe to Ikea. No, my life, I've had to assemble on my own. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of simple parts, neatly packaged with detailed instructions, to get me started, though, there were times, when I wish there had been. Oh, to unlock the mysteries of life with something as simple as an Allen's key.

No, in life, you have to write your own instructions, which may be very complicated. However, this is how discoveries are made, diseases cured, countries formed and ideas realized. Someone or some group was able to get all the parts in working order and "Eureka" - not necessarily synonymous with "Ikea," we have a wheel, insulin, a European common market and a man on the moon.... just a little assembly required :)

Somehow, I don't see myself launching someone into outer space. However, I would like to create something that is greater than a Janinge bar stool, standing in for an elevated piano bench to reach a key board raised over a radiator with the help of two Olov legs and a Besta shelf. (fig. 1)

Yes, some more complex assembly will be required, if I am going to make it past the pre-cut forms, half a dozen or so nuts, and an angled bracket or two. Wish me luck!

The pictures? Recent assemblies.

Have a "together" day!

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