Saturday, January 19, 2019


 Our word for today is "obsession." Its synonyms are - passion, mania, compulsion, addiction, craze, hobby horse... wait hobby horse? How did that get in there? I had to find out.

Well, one of my obsessions might very well be words - their meaning, usage and origin, as a start. So how do you get from "hobby horse" to obsession? A quick Google search brought me to this site Go figure, a site dedicated to the origin and usage of words had to be British. God save "the language" from those who would compromise it!!

Apparently the first appearance of the word was around 1375 in a poem written by a Scottish poet - John Barbour. The poet was referring to a favourite preoccupation at the time, horses a.k.a. hobys, hobby or hobbies. Hoby was actually the name of a particular breed of horse, now extinct, from Ireland. So ingrained in the culture was this Hoby, that it took on a life of its own. Actors, costumed as horses, performed in mummers plays, morris dances and pantomimes. Well, some things never die. Apparently you can still see some of these antics each May Day in Padstow, Cornwall.

But I digress. I was writing about obsession, today! Of course, if you are infatuated with words, you should be passionate about writing, addicted to reading, compelled to debate. Need I say more?

Yes, I do. I also have other avocations. They are, however, more graphic. I am a compulsive knitter. I love Art in all its many forms. I have recently become preoccupied with needle felting. I crave music all the time and play the piano, a little, some of the time. Probably enough "hobby horses" for now.

But if you'd like more, you can buy a bottle of Obsession, which is also a perfume with overtones of  bergamot, mandarin orange, peach, vanilla, basil, coriander, jasmine, cedar, rose, amber, musk, civet, and incense. It's all a little insane!!

The pictures? I forgot to mention food, travel and gardening as passions too.

Have a whimsical day!!

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