Friday, January 04, 2019


Our word for today is "felt." As as noun it means a cloth made by pressing or rolling fibre together. As a verb, to felt, is the process of pressing fibres together to make a cloth or a shape. Felting, in fact, is an art form, with artists creating amazing pieces in every dimension!!

They are creating two dimensional pictures using fibre, felted cloth and felting needles. The process is a little like painting except that wool is your paint and felting needles, your brushes.  It's a lot of fun.

They are also creating three dimensional pieces that could be considered sculptures in felt.

I started felting a few years ago. Because I distribute fibre and felted fabric to craft stores, I really felt (no pun intended) I needed to know more about the process. As with any process there is a learning curve. I began where I saw an entry point. I can draw (a little) so I though that I would start by drawing with fibre on fabric. I could see the possibilities. However, I needed to progress to the next stage. I had to make three dimensional figures - cute figures, like the ones I saw on-line.

I began with a teddy bear that was midway between a two and a three dimensional figure. I then moved to a very obvious free-standing, OK, sitting teddy bear. I added mice, lady bugs, bees. I see room for improvement. Their faces have to be sweeter. In fact, I have re-done the insects - pictures to come.

I am slowly progressing to larger projects. I was actually thinking of taking on this guy. Wish me luck!

Have a creative day!

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