Sunday, September 02, 2018


Our word for today is "cookie." I love the baked kind. I can't remember my mother or my grandmother actually baking cookies. However, my grandmother, always had cookies in her cookie jar, which was shaped like a rather rotund woman - go figure (or not as the case maybe :) I will eat peanut butter cookies, even though I don't really like them, probably because I don't like peanut butter. I prefer shortbread, raisin oatmeal or gingerbread. I'm not one to look a cookie horse in the mouth, though, so even if it's peanut butter, it's still a cookie and it's a treat!!

On the other hand, cookies become a little less appetizing when they get lodged in your computer and track your where abouts. Maybe Big Brother didn't bake cookies. He just created some coded ones to control us. Another less appealing cookie is the one used to describe an orthopaedic arch support. We talk of fallen arches being supported by cookies. Can a fallen soul be redeemed with a cookie and if so, what kind?

Finally, I like Cookie as a person's name. The first time I heard it used was on a CD cover describing The Rankins, a singing family from Cape Breton. One of the sisters is Cookie Rankin. I coveted her name. I have said before that I have always wanted a nickname. My father was Corky. I might have been a Corkie - just one letter different from Cookie. Clearly another statement on my life - always just one letter off - just an inch away - an hour too early - an hour too late....the list goes on.

The pictures? Cookies with attitude.

Have a sweet day!!

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