Thursday, August 23, 2018


Our word for today is "together." It's a lovely word and a lovely concept. I love "get-to-gethers." In fact I'm going to one in September. I get together with friends I went to elementary school with. There are ten of us. It's quite the gathering. We used to celebrate all the significant birthdays of that year, but now we just celebrate each other.

I always like to do a tally from a statistical point of view. I don't know why. I guess it's just me looking for patterns. In the group of ten there are two women, who never married, two who are widows and never re-married. One who was a widow and re-married. There are two women who had two daughters, two women who had two sons and two women with adopted children. It's an interesting mix.

My writing partner and I are part of a knitting group - Yoso, as it is affectionately known, is a group of eight teachers. Each of us has a combination of jobs to do in preparation for our yearly "get-together" in April at the Fern resort in Orillia. Our job in the group of eight was to work on the website. It was the perfect combination of talents! I think that's why we have gone on to do more things together, which I love.

I'm not really part of any other group that meets regularly. Maybe two is enough. It is fun to see how people change over the years. In my group of school friends, we talk "old times." Most of us lead quite different lives, so there really isn't a common ground. I connect with one friend on FB and we can talk business, because she still runs her travel business. I talk Art with another friend, whom I'm closest to in that group. I'm hoping another friend there has taken up biking, so there would be another point of interest. Yes, I could try to be interested in some of their activities. I'll ask more about them :)

Now, our Yoso group talks about the future and I love that. We have plans. How can we make our April event better? How can we improve our fibre artistry? How can we improve our businesses? All of us have several common interests. It makes for very easy conversation and a lot of fun!!

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