Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Our word for today is spirits. I'm not the one in our family who believes in spirits. My sister does, though and maybe I should start, because the other day she won $5,000.00 in a lottery. Here is how the spirits intervened. After my sister had bought the ticket, she put it on her night table and asked both my mother's spirit and the spirit of our paternal grandfather, whom we have never met, to make this a lucky ticket, because she needed a car. Bingo! She ended up splitting a million dollar pot with 167 other people, which netted her around $5,000.00. She bought a car!

No my spiritualism comes mainly from nature. I could be a Pantheist, one who believes that God is in everything, especially everything in nature. I need to have trees, flowers, foliage around me to find peace. Now these would be the good spirits, the Dryads, that lift the soul.

I know there are poltergeists, meddlesome spirits that inhabit houses or buildings or places where they can interact with people in disturbing ways. I have read articles about houses, said to haunted. Old houses always have a past. Some have had their share of tragedy, I'm sure. Maybe, there are souls there, who have not been laid to rest. They remain, then, in an agitated state, taking out their wrath on anyone who tries to inhabit their space.

I think there are also capricious spirits living in auto correct. What I read, in my writing, is never what I have written. Do you think some spirit is trying to tell me something? I sometimes believe that the cosmos is trying to tell me something. You know, that spiritual energy that's out there. I think, if you meditate, you can be more in tune, with that energy and hear it's message. I have made a mental note to be quiet and listen more often.

The pictures? Photos to me are a little like reading between the lines. I wonder what these are saying.

Have an informative day.

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