Thursday, August 02, 2018


Serendipity is our word for today. It means good luck. A while ago, I read an article about how to attract good luck. It was mainly about keeping an open mind and buying lottery tickets. I rarely buy lottery tickets, but I decided to keep a diary of the "good luck" that happened to me each day, after I had read the article. Well, maybe I hadn't looked hard enough for some good fortune falling from the sky, because nothing that startling happened.

My lottery purchases, those weeks, won nothing. No one offered me an amazing job. I didn't find money tucked here or there. In fact, the only piece of good luck, I remember, is that someone gave me their parking ticket, because it still had some time on it. Needless to say, I soon abandoned my good luck diary.


I do know of people, though, who seem to be very lucky. I have a friend who invariably gets "things" free. Once, she was standing in line for last minute theatre tickets, when a woman came up to her and offered her one of the best seats in the house, for free. Think of all those other people in line, impatient perhaps or bored and there was Maggie, smiling and open to opportunity!! This same friend always gets free accommodation, when she comes to Toronto. Someone either has a pied de terre in the city or will be away, needing someone to look after their home, the list goes on. I know there have been some tragedies in her life, but good luck seems to find her on a regular basis.

Certainly, lucky people seem to be happy people. Do positive people attract positive energy? Really I shouldn't complain. I have had good fortune most of my life. Even when circumstances seemed negative, in hindsight, it was good fortune working in mysterious ways.

Maybe, serendipity, is just a frame of mind - the glass half full, rather than half empty. I know you can increase your good fortune by -

1. getting out - good luck rarely finds you at home.  
2. associating with positive people - in the very least, they make you smile.
3. keeping an open mind - I didn't "freak out" when a stranger approached me with, what turned out to be, four hours of free parking.

However, to do some or all of these things requires planning and a good deal of work - serendipitous indeed. Maybe luck doesn't just happen. Perhaps it comes to you, because you have worked very hard, hung in for the long haul and smiled in spite of all those not so good luck situations.

The pictures? The last three were really things that just happened, true serendipity.  The first one was set up. Yes, I've been known to cheat at solitaire.  :)

Have a serendipitous day!!

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