Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Our word for today is room. It's an amazing word, because it's not only your environment, it's also your well being. I often say, "you wouldn't go for a swim in dirty water, so why would you spend time in an messy room. "But, water just touches my skin," you say. Yes, but a room touches your soul.

I know, some people don't really care about their surroundings. I've been in their rooms, the atmosphere is troubled. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the perfect housekeeper, by any means. I don't need spotless, but I do need a sense of harmony - soft colours, balanced settings, good light and space.

I remember staying in a Bed and Breakfast once and found it quite claustrophobic. I don't mind small rooms, nicely arranged. However, this room, although fairly large, was full of clutter. It had three side tables, six lamps, two beds, three large chairs and various knick knacks on all the walls and surfaces. I would have taken half the "stuff" out and re-arranged everything.

The B&B's or Air B&Bs we re-book are places where someone has taken care to select and arrange the furnishings. The space is relaxing, nurturing. I have trouble understanding hoarders. I have to believe, there is a mental imbalance that makes people treat their rooms like dumpsters. Your room should be your refuge, your oasis. You should be surrounded by peace and harmony to keep a balance in your life.

There is, now, a whole industry to help people de-clutter, get organized and free their minds. I remember once reading a list of quick pick-me-ups. One was to clean out your handbag, pockets, or briefcase. Think of what an amazing pick-me-up it would be to clean your room (s). My mother was a hoarder, my husband has trouble parting with things and my daughter lives in chaos. I work at keeping a balance!

The pictures? Harmony in space, light, and flowers.

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