Friday, August 10, 2018


Our word for today is stubborn. I like to think of it as persistent. The refusal to give up. I am mentally working on an idea. This may sound redundant. Having ideas is already a mental activity. But I am churning them over in my mind or, at least, one of them.

I want to find a way of achieving home ownership for each of my three children. In another time, another economy, they might have been able to purchase a modest home on their own. But today's economy is out of whack. Most people are paid too little to afford the astronomical cost of a private home today.

Here is what I'm thinking -

1. Suggesting to the kids that they have a sideline. My son, who is a full time photographer, might be encouraged to take wedding pictures on the weekend. I would offer to build his website.
2. My daughter works two jobs already. One, however, is part time. Can this become full time or can it be structured so that she can work mornings, lets say, and take on a third job in the afternoon?
3. I am looking around at available space. Can I get a permit to build a small house in my back yard?My friend in England severed off the bottom of her garden and built a bungalow there. It worked.
4. Can I find some unconventional property, a store front or a small building and convert it to a home?
5. Can a larger building be converted to the equivalent of co-operative housing?
6. How much would it cost to convert our current home to a triplex?

I like the idea of converting laneway garages to homes. In fact, I like the idea of looking at buildings and space in unconventional ways. I'm not a big fan of condominiums. I think that the maintenance fees involved in owning a condominium may be the biggest government sanctioned swindle around. Who puts away $1000.00 a month for home repairs?

Finally, I'm voting for Jennifer Keesmaat for mayor in our next election. She's made affordable housing one of her platforms. Having been our Chief City Planner from 2012 to 2017, Keesmaat knows Toronto. She's honest, intelligent and doesn't seem to be in the pockets of the wealthy developers, yet.

The pictures? Some inventive housing :)

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