Saturday, August 04, 2018


Our word today is pacify, to soothe. Although, pacify has a number of synonyms, soothe is the one I like the best. I immediately thought of the phrase, "to soothe the troubled mind." In fact, I keyed this phrase into Google and came up with quite a list of suggestions to ease the troubled mind.

1. Someone was writing a poem a day.
2. There were four bible verses to read, but not the one I use "I lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my (strength)." I change the word from help to strength. I'm not suggesting that I should have written the bible. It's quite an old book :)
3. a discussion of mindfulness
4. a short essay from which included the suggestion to get up and do some physical activity.
5. No one mentioned Yoga, but there was a suggestion for message therapy.
6. And no one mentioned music.

Music is what soothes my troubled mind. Although, I can play a little piano, at a very basic level, I mostly just listen to music.  I usually listen to folk songs. I remember once hearing a friend's disc at work. It was one of those New Age compilations and I recognized on it a very old Irish air.

Yes, I listen to a lot of Irish folk songs, sung mainly by John McDermott. I think I have every one of the discs he ever made. I also listen to Scottish folk songs and a few Welsh ones, actually sung in Welsh. Maybe the Celts were very anxious people because they wrote some very soothing music.

Here's a quick link to YouTube for a fibre related folk song The Spinning Wheel.

The pictures? As well as, listening to music, I also - meditate, knit, write, and try to get out for country walks, to pacify my troubled mind.

Have a carefree day!!

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