Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Our word for today is natural.... It's overused to be sure, but it is still one of those words that creates so many positive feelings, when I hear it. I have to work at being cynical when I read a label that says "natural flavourings," which probably means chemical additives, that taste like the real thing. But that word natural softens the truth, the reality, that we are actually living in an artificial world.

This is why it is so important to get back to nature, to things that are really natural, to delay, as much as possible, our evolution to a man-made, space-age, planet? We now, for example, eat foods that contain some genetically modified ingredients. Even if we're cooking from scratch, it's difficult to avoid GM ingredients. In fact, if "we are what we eat" and we eat mainly man-made, chemically altered food, what does that make us?

I applaud the Gates foundation for collecting and storing our "natural" plants before they are wiped out or modified beyond recognition. When we suddenly realize what is happening, we will need them. However, it's not just our food that's contaminated, most of the world's fresh water is unfit to drink. We have to add chemicals to make it potable. I'm wondering if I can dig a well in my garden to bring up fresh water and I wonder how fresh it would be.

Even our minds are being "treated." Artificial Intelligence can alter our view of reality. Fake news from our electronic devices can turn truth and fact into fiction. If enough people begin to believe these falsehoods, what will we be in ten, twenty, fifty years?

Ask questions, read labels, resist "group think," support facts, support reputable reporting, read, meditate to get back in touch with the real you. Create "natural" whenever and wherever you can.

The pictures? Remember when everything at the market was grown by a local farmer.

Have a naturally perfect day!

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