Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Matins are morning prayers. I've written about them before. Whether you are given to prayer or not or even to a belief in God, doing something "up lifting" in the morning is therapeutic. The book I'm working through - it's actually a 12 week course - The Artist's Way - mandates that you write three pages of long hand every morning. It's stream of consciousness writing, so nothing is prescribed or required except that you put pen to paper and make words!!

I've been doing it now for a week and I've seen an amazing boost in energy. Not necessarily creative energy, but often you have to clear the decks, clean out the cobwebs, before you can think creatively. I may actually finish those websites!! Once the mechanicals are done, I can work on the creative, which will still involve a lot of blogging!!

My writing partner and I have put our word a day exercise on hold, while we work through this Artist's course. I'll keep you posted as we go along and share any amazing discoveries with you. I'm a little short and maybe a bit passed it for the Sistine Chapel, but I'll think of something a little closer to home, in the general sense.

My suggestions here would be, that if you don't do yoga, meditate or write, find something that is spiritually uplifting to do in the morning. Something involving some physical activity is particularly good - it helps the mind kick in. Prayer isn't necessarily physical, however, you might try getting down on your knees. We are all looking, or should be looking, for the "force that through the green fuse drives the flower."

The pictures? Peace and creativity in the morning.

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