Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Our word for today is guilt - the fact or state of having committed an offence. On one hand, we could feel guilt because of a terrible crime, we've committed. On the other hand, we could feel guilt, simply by being who we are.

I have said before that I feel guilty because of an accident of birth. I was born in Canada, considered one of the best countries in the world. I have been given a free education to the end of high school and paid less than students in other countries for a university education. I have free medical care for life.

I think of people, not as fortunate, and I wonder, why me. I was embarrassed by my good fortune, when I was in a third world country last February. At home, I don't have to scramble daily for food, live in unsanitary conditions, follow rigid customs. I feel guilty because I can travel where I want, wear what I want, and for the most part, do what I want.

I don't even have to be out of Canada to feel guilty. I wonder, when I pass someone in a wheelchair, why was I spared that accident or that disease? I feel guilty because I was born white caucasian  - I don't have to deal daily with judgements based on the colour of my skin and I feel guilty, when I pass a street person. I have not known poverty of that extent.

By being who I am, where I am, I have not committed an offence, however, I still feel guilty. In researching the definition of guilt, I came across this interesting website -  https://www.unstuck.com/advice/6-ways-to-banish-guilt-from-your-life/

I'm not sure that I will ever banish this anxiety from my life and maybe I shouldn't try. It is humbling. It gives me empathy and makes me appreciate the blessings I have.

The pictures? My blessings.

Have a guilt free day.

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