Friday, August 24, 2018


Our word for today is "gracious." I have to say it is the perfect word for today, because the cosmos, in her graciousness, gave me a perfectly gracious day!! It started out with a large order for TrueFelt sheets. Not only did it sort out my overstock, it restored my faith that something I really like is enjoyed by others too.

The weather today was also perfect - sun, blue sky, a slight breeze, no humidity, warm but not too warm. I walked to work, so my ailing car wouldn't decide to die somewhere inconvenient and put a damper on the day!! I did my three pages of hand written stream of consciousness, which freed up my mind, so that I could work on much needed clerical "stuff."

I walked home for lunch, again, to enjoy more of this perfect day. I did need to get back to the office, though, after lunch, because I had two boxes to be labelled for Canada Post before my hair appt. at 2:00pm. My husband gave me a lift. I completed the tasks in record time. Ta-da!

My hairdresser, who is a very interesting person, filled me in on all the news on the street. We had a long chat about L'Arche, as her son works with disabled adults and she had never heard of the Vanier Institute. It was a wonderful exchange. Finally I walked home. As the breeze whipped my hair in circles, I was transported back to a time of long hair, long skirts, Sunday afternoon parties in London, where we sang folk songs, well into the evening.

I may have to say "grace" for today!

The pictures? For everything we are given, may we be truly thankful.

Have a amazing day!!

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