Wednesday, August 01, 2018


When confusion reigns, we get a mash-up!!

Our word for today is incandescent. I confused it with iridescent and immediately thought of glowing. I did a quick search, and I still didn't see my mistake!
  1. emitting light as a result of being heated.

    "plumes of incandescent liquid rock"

    synonyms:white-hotred-hotburningfiery, blazing, ablazeaflame
  2.       passionate or brilliant.

    "Mravinsky's incandescent performance of Siegfried's Funeral March"

    "an incandescent speech"

With my original misunderstanding of the word, I was going to talk about eye make-up that glowed and how it was made with fish scales. Well, one should be incandescent about the way the cosmetic industry treats us!!

OK, I was struggling now. I could write about the glow of a cigarette in the dark - it would be a slow burn. I could make it more fiery by having it lit in the trenches during the war - meh, too serious for my mood today.

Honestly, I have never equated incandescent and definitely not iridescent, with passion. I think of incandescent light bulbs. My father was an electrical engineer, what can I say.

Now, I do dream of an iridescent (glowing) complexion. I know, I'm very shallow. Just as well, I don't dream of an incandescent complexion!! However, I do have a fiery temperament and my face flares at the least provocation.

In my mind, I was clearly not ready to up the ante from glow to blaze. So I wrote, I just want my Christmas lights to shine, not ignite. I want the moon's iridescence on a summer's night. I don't need it to be spirited. And I want that luminous smile from a friend, or even a stranger. You know, the one that lights up your day. I don't need it to be "intense," just light enough to shine through gloom.

I have now made a mental note to check, my understanding of a word against Webster's. However, if you see someone with eyes aflame, they may not be angry, it might just be their eye shadow!!

The pictures? Things that shine a little or a lot of light.

Have a glowing day!!

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