Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Circuitous II

I wrote about circuitous the other day and didn't really have a great example of how I complicate my life in wild circuitous loops. Well, one of those loops happened yesterday.

I have decided that I want to do some interesting walking tours, abroad. Most of these adventures require you to walk 15 to 20kms a day. In fact the Camino has a quota of 25 or 26kms per day. Clearly, I have to practise. Yesterday, we did our usual 5km walk. At least I'm guessing it was 5kms. Maybe it was more. I now need an odometer to measure my walking distance. I have an odometer for biking, could I use that?

Well, yes I could. First I googled for information. I was directed to several YouTube videos explaining how I could affix my Garmin bike meter to my wrist. However, I needed some equipment. More googling directed me to M.E.C. who was supposed to have what I wanted. Not so. The parts had to be specially order and the reviews weren't great.

I pressed on. If I didn't use the wrist strap from the Garmin kit and bought my own, I could orient the odometer more like a watch than the kit could. Back to google. This time I went to Gears, where we bought our bikes. They had the parts. However, online, they were $13.50. When I called the store for availability, I was told that the parts were were $22.50. Sigh!

Finally, I decided to buy what I needed online and have them shipped to the store. I know there was a time when life was not as circuitous.

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