Saturday, July 28, 2018


....and tomorrow....and tomorrow. Yes, we could let our lives slip away, always hoping that a tomorrow will be better than a today. I have already earmarked a wait of four years until Doug Ford is gone and worse case scenario - six years until Trump is gone - alas!! Time to start living today!!

I tend to live in the future. I'm goal oriented and am, therefore, always working toward something that may never happen. Well, today is happening right now - maybe I should say write now - because I am writing - yes, but it's about the future - "tomorrow" is our word for today - I can't believe I wrote that!!

Actually, today, I've been spending some time on Amazon. I realize I often mention books or quote excerpts from poems and fail to link to their sources. Hence, (I do like that word) I'm going back over some blogs that were written in a time frame I rarely use - yesterday and adding links.

This morning I keyed in "biking." I was amazed at the wealth of material out there and it was all cycling. There was not a motorcycle manual in sight!! The book I'm going to buy - Amazon is a dangerous place - is

Cycling Along Europe's Rivers: Bicycle Touring Made Easy and Affordable

It was published in 2012 so some of the references may be out of date, but it is a staring point. We won't be doing it this year. I'm already committed to going back to the Eastern Townships to cycle some rails trails, we missed in the Spring.

So what does this have to do with our topic - "tomorrow?" Well, these are plans for a tomorrow somewhere out there.

The pictures? Something with a sense of adventure. Tomorrow is filled with possibilities!!

Have a good one!! 

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