Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sunny Sausalito....

I mentioned in an earlier post about biking across the Golden Gate bridge and coasting into sunny Sausalito - made even sunnier with lunch and a tasting tray of local beers.

My husband not only bought the lunch, he also bought tickets to return to San Francisco by ferry, bikes and all. Apparently, there is a package tourists can buy, that rents you a bicycle to bike over the bridge and sells you a return ticket, to bring both you and your bike back, by ferry. What could be easier!

Hence, pictures of the bridge from the ferry, as we sailed once more into the cloud of SF and "good-bye" to a brighter and warmer view of the city, from our perch in Sausalito. Sigh!

All things considered, I'm glad I didn't have to cycle back over the bridge at the end of the day, after a few beers. However, seas and docks, being what they are, meant that we boarded the ferry very easily over ramps to a large room where we parked our bikes and sat or went upstairs for a better view of the crossing.

Disembarking was not as easy. We had to leave the ferry from an upper deck, which meant, we had to carry our bikes up seven or eight stairs, before reaching the exit - ugh. Fortunately, there was a gutter for the bike, at the side of the stairs and a very strong seaman to give you and your bike a lift halfway up. The rest was, literally, up to you! I'm never sure what I'm capable of until, I'm forced to do it. "Tick," made it!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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