Sunday, July 03, 2016

The only constant is .........

.....change. Our neighbourhood is changing. Developers are moving in and buying up single family homes, planning to build multiple dwellings on the property acquired. Sigh! There are a few of us, though, who do not want to "sell out."

Our lots are very deep. For some, it's a chore looking after a long narrow lot. For me it's a challenge. I had originally thought, that if the price were right, we might sell and move to a 4-plex where we could give each of our children a unit and keep a pied-à-terre, for ourselves, in the city. Then we could buy a garden with a house attached somewhere within driving distance.

However, I'm not sure that -

1. We could find just the right 4-plex.
2. The kids would want to live there.
3. We could find the right place out of the city.
4. I would want to drive to garden.
5. We want to retire just yet.

As a result, I decided to maximize the use of our garden. There has been a patch at the back which has been neglected for years. Now is the time to make it part of the overall plan. Here is what I did.

1. Had a tree company come in and trim up the trees to allow more light into the garden.
2. Brought in loads of Triple-Mix to enhance the soil.
3. Planted vegetables along with flowers.
4. Cleaned the weeds and overgrown perennials from a few of the back corners.
5. Planted more rose bushes.
6. Transplanted, rearranged and generally tamed the original plantings.

The pictures are a result of my efforts. I've been harvesting the thinnings of the lettuce and beet greens for salads and I am anxiously awaiting produce from the tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peas and cantaloup, ymmmm!!

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