Monday, June 20, 2016

I Fall for Falls....

Fishing around for something to do in the rain - all puns intended, we decided to drive up to a provincial park just north of La Malbaie. Well, maybe, "just" isn't the operative word. One doesn't "just" drive up winding roads laced with rivers, spectacular water falls, "in your face" rock faces and casually say "just"!!

This was heaven on earth and apart from a grey sky and some drizzly rain, we were in awe. The trees, the mountains, the rivers, the vastness and the "fall on your knees" magnificence of it all came close to a religious experience!!

Unfortunately, it was quite late in the day, when we arrived at the information centre in the park. We had time, though, to take a quick drive to a massive waterfalls and maybe do a short hike, but what looked like an easy loop had a sign at the start, which read "registration mandatory for this trail."

Today was not the day to get lost in the wilderness. Why? because we had just bought a nice lasagna for dinner and I was getting hungry. Alas, somehow my stomach always manages to rule my feet?

The drive back was easier, because the sun had peaked out for an hour or two. Sunshine is amazing!! So is lasagna after a long day. Pasta and sunshine, my two favourite anti-depressants!!

Have an awesome day!

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