Sunday, June 19, 2016

Deus ex nebula....

Moving right along, or maybe that's biking right along, we tried another trail out of Riviere du Loup. Cycling around Notre Dame du Portage in the morning was lovely, but we were trying to find a few other bike-able paths in the area. In the afternoon, we set out for a linear park, created from an old railroad line, running south from the centre of the town.

The beginning of the trail, however, headed right up the side of a small mountain - this was not bike-able for us. We decided to travel a bit further along the highway and join the trail at a point where the elevation map said it levelled out. They lied. It was still up hill, in the rain and infested with mosquitoes - sigh! We gave up after a few kilometres and biked back to the car.

What to do now. We knew there was a very nice restaurant in town, near the river. We could always mask our disappointment with FOOD! This is how I never seem to lose weight, even though I exercise a lot from time to time :) Lunch was lovely - more of a dinner than a light meal, and of course there were still another 4 or 5 courses waiting for us back at the auberge that evening, for a real dinner, alas!!

Finally, about 4:00pm, the sun peaked out, which gave us some time to sit for awhile on our balcony. This is when I became fascinated with the clouds. Billowing overhead, they reminded me of the skies in renaissance paintings. You know, a painting, where the sky has more layers on, than the people in it. The dejection (or is that ejection?) of Adam and Eve comes to mind. I'm not sure exactly what sin I was being punished for on this trip, but it must have been a good one, because no sooner had the sun come out, when it disappeared again and the rain started. I think I won't skip dessert tonight!

Have a sunny day.

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