Thursday, March 05, 2015


I saw this word on FB. It's from the site Wordporn and it means - an overwhelming urge to run away. I didn't identify with it immediately. It wasn't really onomatopoe-ic enough - in other words, it didn't sound like what it meant. Escape words need to roll off the tongue. They need to run away and take you with them, head first!!

In the first place, "drape" is a lazy word and suggests just hanging out, with no sense of purpose other than to be idle and maybe puddle on the floor - or maybe not, as the case maybe. "Tomani," on the other hand, is a little freaky, for me anyway. Change the "i" to "y" and you have my last name, by marriage - Tomany. There is mischief afoot or there are Freudian slips. Yes, I could easily run away to some place warm and sunny -  I've been thinking about it a lot this February.

What stops me is, what would I do there?  Would I have a garden? Yes, I could write and walk. But I need something more. I'm working on it. There is the whole world of house sitting that I haven't even begun to explore. Then I could tend someone else's garden and maybe clean their house a little.

Did I mention that I have been reorganizing cupboards and I started to clean the fridge? Spring can't be far away. We need a word for - an overwhelming desire to clean out the cobwebs of winter in preparation for Spring. I wonder if "Corcoring" would work. It's from my maiden name, Corcoran. Ahhh an Irish Spring!!

Have a warm day!!

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