Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Today the temperature will be -14ºC. It's body freeze weather, so why am I trying to thaw out my brain? Perhaps it's because I have read a few articles this morning that have nudged me, into re-thinking my lack of thinking - does this make any sense? You see, I haven't been posting and I haven't been walking - two activities that I have deemed essential for my well-being. Now, I have been knitting, however, it is sedentary and although, I think - sort of - I don't record my thoughts, so there is very little writing.

My first nudge today came from an article about a woman who made a New Year's resolution in 2011 to walk every day. She has now walked everyday for 1500 days. I was walking everyday until it got cold and well, my feet were cold, so one could say that I had "cold feet." No I wasn't afraid of walking, I just found it easier to make excuses for not walking. This, of course, means that I have to walk today. Hence the opening line of the post. I really know how to punish myself!!

The second article was actually just a quote on Facebook - something about life being more precious the less time you have. So the closer we get to 100 - assuming we are all going to live to 100, the less years, you realize, you have to do the activities you want/need to do. I know it really is silly to mope around finding excuses for lethargy, when I should probably just get out there and be productive. I also know I am not enriching my life. I'm cocooning and I'm not sure that a butterfly is going to emerge at the end of it all.

The pictures? I finally cleaned out my handbag and cleared the photos from my IPhone. A rainbow is always a good sign and the second is a sculpture at the Brickworks entitled "Future." Yes, I hope to be more productive in the future :)

Have an awesome day!!

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